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Australian guitar magazine
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In January this year 2017 I made a trip to Sydney for a few reasons First it was to catch up with a good friend of mine Kris Petersen and second i hat a few interviews lined up with the … Read More

why buy a Scott Dixon case
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Why would you buy a Scott dixon guitar caseI know these cases are not cheap a triple row guitar case will set you back 1250$ You would say that is a lot of money well is it let me explain  … Read More

Guitar setup en intonation
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How to Set Up an Electric GuitHey Remco mayer from (Mayer Guitars and Crossroad guitars )I am a guitar  builder and Luthier for over 15 Years in this blog I will talk you true to one of the most importendthings … Read More

The Green Prs guitar
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 The green Prs guitarSometimes We get a customers request to do a complete custom work on there guitarso we got in this Green Prs guitar with the request to install aXy pad midi controler A Sustainer neck pickup  by Sustainiac … Read More

Guitar setups
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Setups Every Guitar needs a setup once in a while it does not matter if you bought it brand new or if it is your Grandfathers old 50 Strat In most cases it means just a little tweak here and … Read More