Friends of Crossroad Guitars


Who is Crossroad Guitars

Crossroad Guitars is Remco Mayer

Above you can see me with some of my friends
Mr Louie Shelton   Mr Steve Lukather   and Mr Steve Vai

During my career as a luthier, I have met many talented guitar players. I have also travelled a lot as a  a guitar technician.
I started working on guitars 20 years ago because the guitar that i bought was so bad setup that i did it my self.
I went to my then guitar teacher and he liked what i did and from there on i did his guitars and for many of his students.
From these beginnings steps in guitar setup and repair i started to work and learn with and from Danny Marcofish a master builder in Amsterdam The Netherland.
One day a stressed out guy came in to the shop with a guitar case and asked us if we could fix the guitar the head stock got snipped of the neck ,No problem leave it here and we will call you when it is ready , No No the guy said we need it for tonight's show we broke it yesterday in Parice so we asked him who does this guitar belong to then, turns out is was from John Petrucci from Dreamtheater some one dropped the guitar and the head stock snapped of from his 7 string Ibanez guitar .we fixed the guitar just on time to drop it of 5 min before the show started .
Over the years i have worked with many guitarist as there tech or just from my workshop in

Marsden  Queensland Australia

I am the guitar tech for Australian guitarist Kris Petersen and with his band Syndicate we toured with Alice cooper

in action on is flaxwood
Kris petersen
side stage
Alice cooper tour

and we even wend on tour to Singapore

Singapore tv show
getting ready for Tv
some bar
Singapore bar
stop pressing these buttons
Sound check at Tv station

My touring experience reflects back in my repair work do the job once and do it right

Stuff from the past

Remco has been Involved in many events and projects in the Australian music

Remco together with Australian guitar mag organized thebest guitar player of Australia comp in 2007
the winner that year was Jimmy lardner Brown

Remco made arrangements with his contacts in the music industry to get the Dvd Disc that comes with your Australian guitar mag.

Remco Has been a judge at many of the Global battle of the band comp 



Remco is the Stage manager and guitar tech for the Steve Flack guitar heroes 

Guitar heroes

Here i am in the picture with Brad Carr,Phil Emmanual

Denis willson, Colin burgers ,Steve Flack ,Mick Smith

Just to name a few each show has a new line up of Australian guitar royalty


Remco together with Ewan Mc kenzie started up the Ozmanouch festival
to honor the work of Django Rheinhard







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