Quality guitar repair

Our luthier has more than 15 years of experience in guitar repair.

Many guitars have passed our workshop, of many makes.
From Fender and Gibson to yet unknown quality guitars made in the 50's. (We are still trying to find out where this came from)

We are an Ibanez authorised repair centre

If you are after a setup guitars, of a repair, we provide service tailored to your preferences.

Give us a call for a quote or just come to our workshop and our luthier will see in what way he can help you.
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Every Guitar needs a setup once in a while it does not matter if you bought it brand new or if it is your Grandfathers old 50 Strat
In most cases it means just a little tweak here and there a Trussrod adjustment and a fret level

and some times we need to do some more work on it but once we are don with it the guitar wil play like it was mend to no buzzing and easy on your fingers
here are some guitars that we have just worked on

this guitar was in need of a setup
Ibanez Js 24
rewinring  and setup
Ibanez Rg
a setup and resting

The green Prs guitar

Sometimes We get a customers request to do a complete custom work on there guitar
so we got in this Green Prs guitar
with the request to install a
Xy pad midi controlerA Sustainer neck pickupĀ  by Sustainiac

And a Ghost piezo bridge on a wilkinson tremolo

no problem we can do that

This is a before shot
Green Prs guitar
the full modet Prs guitar
The modet Prs


One day i received a Phone call from a customer that asked me if i could restore his guitar

to its old glory I asked him what kind of a guitar is and he could not tel me it was made in Germany
that is all we could find out he brought in the guitar and when i received the guitar it was not in any
state to be played and it took me a lot of time and work to get it back to that stage
until today we still do not know the History of this guitar so if any of you know more about this guitar pleas let me know

help out what guitar is it
German guitar
it hat a onboard tremolo
German guitar
tremolo system
tremolo system
all the binding was lose
the top
1extra switches
tremolo one more
no logo
the neck

Repair Jobs

We even get customers flying from all around Australia
to drop of there Guitars

So one day we hat this gentlemen coming from Townsville with his
brand new Gibson firebird he only hat it for one week and left the guitar lead in the jack
then some one some how the howl jack was cracked out of the body leaving a big gap and a
nasty weak spot in the guitar (in my opinion a design flaw by Gibson guitars the timber at the electronic parts was a measly 3 mm thick never enough to be strong enough )
now his friend Phil Emmanuel told him to get the guitar to me and that i would be able to fix it.

nasty crack and so weak
Gibson Firebird
to give it more strengt we instaled a extra scratch plate
Gibson firebird fixed

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