One big passion of me is building pedal boards and guitar racks

There is nothing more importend then a clean sign chain from your guitar to your amp
look at it you spend a lot of money on a guitar for its specific tone and the same is for your amp
now if you do not pay a close attention to you signal chain you can lose that all with just  one pedal in the wrong place , ground loop  or buzzing.

Many professional guitar players have there pedal board or rack build by specialist like me
that pay a close attention to detail and the keeping of the original tone of the guitar.

A other reason why these Guitar racks and pedal boards are build and designed by specialist
is that they are been taken on the road and road life for any gear is though it get beaten around and the last thing what you want to happen is that it does not work before a show or that it stops working during the show because of one lose cable .

We have build many professional tour guitar racks and pedal boards and some have even been shipped to customers over seas .

How are we going about design a Guitar rack or pedal board for you
You send us a list of all the gear that you want to use in your signal chain

From Amps.rack effect gear .to pedals or just the pedals if you want a floor board
we can don discus with you what we recommend to use for your switching gear 

We can send you a design by Email and you do all the work of wiring your self

(professional fee au$ 150)
(we do not recommend this but i understand if you want to do it your self as it is a lot of fun to do)

If you let us build it for you we will need you to send us all your gear and we will buy what we need for you we will do all the wiring and programming for you and once the rack is ready you can pick it up or we ship it back to you.

We make a lot of the products below because for the simple fact they are the best

Dixon cases for all the casing  racks pedal boards and guitars they are light weight and super strong

Rjm music Technoligy The gear that Ron menelli makes is simply the best for all your switching
is it for your guitar rack of your pedal board we even worked with Rjm on ideas for there award winning  mastermind gt midi switcher

Images of some of the work

Below are some images of work that we have don in the past

kris rack
This is how we lay out our design
One big touring Rack
One big touring Rack
kris rack
Kris petersen rack in singapore
enjoy the lights
enjoy the lights
Dixon case for a pedal board
Dixon case for a pedal board
dixon case with  gig rig pedal switcher
Dixon case with gig rig pedal switcher
Alice cooper tour
Alice cooper tour
kris in action with his gear
kris in action with his gear
dixon cases rack gear cases
we have been using these cases for our rack gear and shipped it to new zealand
Dixon cases
Dixon cases for the Band syndicate
dixon cases
Dixon cases for the Band syndicate
dixonpedal board with mic stand
Dixon pedal board with Mic stand these come in there own case