The Green Prs guitar

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The green Prs guitar

Sometimes We get a customers request to do a complete custom work on there guitar
so we got in this Green Prs guitar
with the request to install a
Xy pad midi controler

A Sustainer neck pickup  by Sustainiac

And a Ghost piezo bridge on a wilkinson tremolo

no problem we can do that

Doing this kind of modifications on a guitar is what we do best

This is not just a easy installation of putting all the stuff in and your don.

For the Xy pad midi controler

we needed to router a cavity to make room for all the parts and the glass plate so that i would sit flush with the body.

For the Sustainer pickup we needed to make sure there was enough room in the electronics box to house the circuit  board

and the battery's to power it all


before we worked on it
green prs


Ghost bride Xy panel sustainer pickup
Green Prs guitar