What do I need to supply?
Nothing! Bring yourself, and a desire to build!!

What do I get?
All timbers for the body and neck, hardware, pickups, plastics, electronics. Access to machinery, jigs, templates and tools.

There are no pre-made bodies or necks... you will build, machine, carve, sand, and shape your own body and neck from scratch under guidance and tuition.

Which type of guitars are being built?
Basically, a “bolt on neck” style instrument.

and we will guide you with your own body design  as we believe there is no need in building a copy guitar  this should be yours and yours only

I don’t have any experience in woodworking, is that
Not a problem we will help you and teach how to use our machinery in a safe way and if not we will do it for you

Which type of finish are we using?

Because of the duration of the course we can not do a spray finish so we opted with a oil base finish
witch will leave you with a semi gloss satin finish

if you have more time we can do a spary paint finish


We strongly believe that the mind is best tool to design a guitar

so we will teach you how to design your own guitar model you will learn about scale length

and what it does .
Fret position calculation

Neck profile
Fingerboard radius

Are the materials all quality parts?
Yes.  all material and parts will be supplied

What types of wood are being used?
For the body, you choose: Mahogany, Alder, Swamp Ash, Tasmanian Blackwood.  Paulonia

Neck woods: Rock Maple, Tasmanian Blackwood, Mahogany.

Fretboards: , Maple, Rosewood, Birds eye Maple.


Ok, what’s the bottom line… HOW MUCH?
$2750. That includes all the timbers and hardware, pickups, introduction to wood machining, access to jigs, knowledge and experience, tools and machinery. Arrive with nothing, walk away with your own handmade guitar.

You'll take home your hand drawn plans too! A $500 deposit is all it takes to secure your place.

How long is each day?
We start around 9:30-10:30 each day, and finish between 5:00-6:00pm

AT a extra cost (Au $ 500)

we can teach you in how to make your own Cad cam 3 D guitar design

you will  learn in how to make a design of your guitar In 3 D program

design the neck fingerboard fret slots exc

and you can then see how our in house Cnc (computer numeric cutter )

routers out your guitar body Neck and Fingerboard

There will still be a  lot of hard work involved to finish your guitar

Ad the end of the course you can keep your files  for future production Lol

( This will be a one on one course and i will teach the basics in cad cam design )






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