why buy a Scott Dixon case

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Why would you buy a Scott dixon guitar case

I know these cases are not cheap a triple row guitar case will set you back 1250$
You would say that is a lot of money well is it let me explain  this for you.

A proper touring grade flight case for you guitar will cost $ 425 per guitar per case these are cases from companies like cases dod com

a SKB case will cost you 250$ per case per guitar But these are not proper flights cases as are all the cases that you buy for your guitar in this price range
all what it is a plastic or plywood shell around your guitar that will not give the guitar any protection if the case gets dropped

Pleas read a few story's that i found on the net

United breaks guitar

Perth band miles away

Jon English

To break it down for you to make sure that your guitars travel save it is smart to spend the money on touring grade flight case
now these will cost you $ 425 each so that is 3 x 425 =1275.

And then you show up at the airport with your 3 flight cases and at the check in they will charge you because of extra baggage
and that is then based up on the weight each case weights about 8.6 kg and a guitar about 5 to 6 kg this can get pretty expensive

when you will have more then one flight to catch .

Carrying these 3 flight cases around will be a pain to

With the Scott dixon triple row guitar case you simply pull it behind you.

I can hear you say I will only need one guitar or maybe 2 well the triple row cases are designed that way that you can easy

put some other stuff in the case like a small pedal board or your touring outfit Believe me touring is for most bands and musicians
a expensive thing to do and were ever we can cut cost we try to do it .
The triple row guitar case can stand on stage as a guitar rack .



Pleas believe me when i say that these cases are the best in the world i travel the world and around Australia
with these case for the last 10 years and never hat any problem with my guitars being damaged during transit

Kris petersen 


Touring with a triple row case
Touring with a triple row case
damaged case
Damaged case


poor guitar



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