Video interviews

Over the years that i have been doing what i do best repairing Guitars.

I do some fun stuff and that is interviewing guitar techs players and gear makers
we then post them all on youtube

have look below

Steve Lukather 

I have been in email contact with Steve for many years now and a big fan of his music and off cores Toto so here we are taking music  before a G3 show

Thanks Steve Lukather for the time

Dallas Shoo

The all time guitar tech for The edge of U2
I hat send out a request true my contacts to see if i could do a interview with Dallas
but up until show day 2 in Brisbane no replay i went to the show the day before and it was a killer show.

The next day at around my mobile phone rang i picked up and on the other side was Dallas
asking if i still wanted to do the interview as you can see we hat a lot of funn and i hope i will be able to speak to him again next time he is back in Australia .

Thanks Dallas shoo for the time

Michael angelo Batio

The master of the double neck guitar and a true Gentleman
during one of the Brisbane guitar show's Michael angelo Batio did a 
quest appearance and after that show i set down with him there was a lot of background noise
bloody guitar players always to noise

Thanks Michael angelo Batio for your time .

Stanley Lamendola

Stanley is the guitar tech for Lindsey Buckingham (fleedwood mac)

Again out of the blue i got an email from Stanley if i wanted to rock up as he hat some time for me to sit down for a chat

Thanks Stanley for your time

Lioyed Gilbert

Lioyed is the guitar tech for Status quo

A good friend of mine that works with Quo grew got me in to the door the crew was running lat that day

because one of the trucks on there way from Sydney broke down and it was a rush rush job to get it all don before show time  Lioyed found some time after the show to talk to me

Thanks Lioyed for your time

Bruce Egnater

Bruce Egnator the king of guitar Tone did a tour around Australia in music stores
to promote his line of guitar amps we set down with him for what should have been 5 min 
well Bruce is not a men of Time or short of a story or Two

Thanks Bruce Egnator for your time

Louie Shelton

I was just for 6 months in Australia i moved Holland that year when i met Louie at a local gig

we started to talk as of many other people i did not know who he was only that i like his playing
then if you look at his Bio what this men has don and who he played with  you can only salute him

I am proud to call him my mate Thanks Louie for ll the time

Scot dixon

The men behind the best guitar cases in the world these case do protect your guitar
and they are cool to.

Just one think do not give this men your phone number as he will call you in the middle of the night
if you can help him out, dropping a case of at some rock band  you know there is a time difference between the Uk and Australia

never mind Mate you can call anytime